building character / letting go

oftentimes (though not always) i find that the best decisions
are often laced with great difficulty & some initial reluctance ..

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    so here we are :: bloc party



There's a little child
Running round this house
And he never leaves
He will never leave
And the fog comes up from the sewers
And glows in the dark

Baby alligators in the sewers grow up fast
Grow up fast
Anything you want it can be done
How did you go bad?
Did you go bad?
Did you go bad?
Somethings will never wash away
Did you go bad?
Did you go bad?

*lyrics/music by Radiohead.

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last night, i finally got around to renting/watching this:

love love love loved it.
peking duck & fatty pork ramen are next up on my hit-list.

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    steven smith :: the organ