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i'd like to conduct a little survey here on my LJ--
(whether or not this will happen is another story, HA.)

WHAT would YOU like to see more/less of on my LJ:


a)   food porn/food-related entries
b)   recipes
c)   emotionally raw access into my brain (usually grim)
d)   photos (of anything and everything)
e)   personal life stories
f)   what i actually do with my time on the weekend/weekdays
g)   my psychotic, highly visual dreams
h)   mini-reviews of anything really, from films to mascara
i)   random intardnet findings
j)   artistic influences/creative stimulus
k)   shameless nekkid pics

update:   btw, thanks to those who gave feedback.

tangent:  an easy-peasy dinner for two for UNDER $10!

toss the following into a pot/wok & cook for 10-12 minutes (!!)

sliced onions
fresh spinach leaves
a can of lentils
boneless, skinless *chicken thighs
(*marinated in the same ingredients below)
olive oil
freshly ground black pepper
garlic cloves minced
freshly grated ginger
GENEROUS pinch of ground cumin
fresh lemon juice

it's healthy, verrrrrry tasty, cheap and so easy to whip up~
(and for all you crazy vegetarians you can omit the chicken.)


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